Earlier this week we broke the story about Maxim Korea magazine’s September 2015 cover, which glorifies violence against women. The information was brought to us by a WYSK reader in Korea who expressed concern over the image’s “abusive notion towards women,” and asked for our help in getting the word out about the deplorable cover image and corresponding feature.

Our story was quickly picked up by media outlets from around the globe and shared countless times on social media, all of which combined prompted Maxim U.S. to make a statement condemning the “deeply troubling” cover. And now, 48 hours later, Maxim Korea has finally issued its own statement, the kind of response they should have made right from the start.

The statement pops up on the magazine’s homepage.

Maxim Korea’s recent September 2015 issue made the mistake of including inappropriate photos and words in the article and back cover. We also think that we have caused disappointment to those who have loved Maxim.

Although we had no intention of romanticizing a criminal act in the process of conveying a crime scene in the magazine, whatever our intention was, we admit that this is completely our fault. Once more, we express our deepest apologies.

We are currently reflecting on mistake and will voluntarily take action to recall all sales of the September issue in the country. Also, we will donate the total profits that have already come from the September issue towards the prevention of sexual assault and to advocates of women’s rights issues.

We deeply apologize once again.

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