WYSK is passionate about celebrating all things related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math when it comes to women and girls. It’s one of the reasons that our Tech Tuesday column, which includes profiles of female STEM rock stars and role models, has become such an important editorial feature. Today, thanks to our new friends at Project Scientist, we have the great privilege of introducing you to the next generation of STEM Superstars, five REALLY young Women You Should Know.

Launched two years ago by founder Sandy Marshall, Project Scientist is an incredible, non-profit organization that aims to foster a love of science in girls ages 4-12. To do this they host engaging, 5 week summer camps in partnership with Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. Each week the girls explore a different STEM topic and interact with a woman scientist who specializes in that subject.

Sandy MarshallSurrounded by brilliant and passionate STEM teachers, professors, and professionals, the girls get to do hands-on lab work and go on weekly field trips. This past summer they even had the opportunity to Skype with NASA!

Sandy came up with the concept for Project Scientist while working as the Executive Director of The NASCAR Foundation, the charitable arm of NASCAR motorsports. Sandy saw firsthand the disadvantages that girls and women have in STEM majors and careers, and became committed to doing what she could to make a difference in her own community.

With that said, we want you to meet Ellie, Scarlet, Maura, Grace, and Ananya, five AWESOME 2nd through 6th grade girls from Project Scientist. When you #AskY each wants to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math, the passion and enthusiasm they answer with is SO INFECTIOUS, as you’ll see in the 1 minute videos below.

We’re thrilled these young, science loving WYSKs are already on a path to leading the world in solving tomorrow’s greatest problems thanks to Sandy and Project Scientist.

ELLIE – 2nd Grade
“No matter how many ideas you have there’s always one that you can fit together.”

SCARLET – 6th Grade
“If you work on something and it doesn’t go right, you can try again.”

MAURA – 5th Grade
“It’s really cool to see how nature does its own architecture.”

GRACE – 6th Grade
“I think everyone can change the world.”

ANANYA – 4th Grade
“I can find out stuff that people haven’t discovered before and it’s an achievement.”