Writer, designer, and eco-fashion revolutionary, Jillian Owens, aka the ReFashionista, is out to change the way the world thinks about fashion.

Jillian started to refashion ugly thrift store duds into high fashion frocks when she became “Sickened by the rise of fast fashion giants who rely on unethical labor practices and worried about the impact on our planet as people toss out their one-time-wear duds to make room for newer and cheaper clothing.”

Combining a bit of ingenuity with a lot of vision and talent,  Jillian is able to “dress well on the cheap without hurting the environment.” A win win!

On her blog, Jillian shares step-by-step photos of her transformations, which include a lot of snipping and tucking, as well as dyeing and styling with some fabulous thrifty accessories. Her simple approach actually seems pretty doable. If you want to give it a try, you can submit your photos to her and she’ll feature you and your creation on the ReFashionista blog or on her Facebook page.

ReFashion = Fashion Revisited, Repurposed, and Revitalized!

When the South Carolina transplant isn’t searching for frugal fashion, or hosting sewing classes, she can be found writing her weekly column for MidlandsLife, and covering local theater for Jasper Magazine and Onstage Columbia.

It was hard to edit, but here are just a few of our favorite ReFashionista transformations:









Check out the ReFashionista Facebook page for more incredible transformations.