At 30-something years old, Saffron Lamb got a swift, life altering kick in the gut. The British born New Yorker, who traded big city life and a BA in Design and Illustration from The London College of Fashion for… L-O-V-E, was living in North Carolina, and suffocating in the confines of a cubicle as a paralegal for her husband’s family business, when their 10 year marriage soured and failed. The blow, while devastating, was also a serious wake-up call for the woman who had given up everything she once was.

Feeling defeated, insecure, and altogether lost as the pieces of her former self and life lay in a broken pile in a dark corner of her closet, Saffron mustered up the cojones to head back to her beloved New York in an attempt to restart her life and reclaim her dream of becoming a fashion designer and owning her own boutique.

The first step in Saffron’s rebirth was getting a job, and just about everyone could smell the eau du desperate she was wearing from a mile away. Despite suffering through one of the most epically uncomfortable interviews, she managed to land a position at Jolie Laide, an absurdly toxic, high-end clothing boutique in New York City’s SoHo where the cobblestone streets are mortared with “chic.”

Saffron sheepishly asks, “Don’t you think it makes me look a little pregnant?” Her store manager exclaims, “NOooo! That’s the look!”

The picture perfect store is anything but. It’s run by a completely insane, overtly manic store manager, and staffed by a group of off the wall characters… a special breed of artificially quaffed and obnoxiously primped female piranhas who feed off of poor Saffron’s insecurities before biting into her very sensitive skin. It’s also booby-trapped for humiliation and pain, making it the LAST and WORST place a masochistic, people pleaser like Saffron should ever put herself.

Despite all of its occupational hazards, Saffron jumps in to her new job, struggling to become a cut-throat sales associate, as she’s forced to awkwardly take on the sharks, divas, vapid posers, and insecure lunatics that prop up the fashion industry. It’s a valiant effort and you can’t help but root for her… an anti-hero in a couture cape.

Things continue to unravel hilariously from there, and, compliments of the digital age, you can now watch every single belly laugh inducing and cringe worthy moment of Saffron’s new life in Rack & Ruin, a new comedy webseries created by, written by, and starring British born actor/writer Angela Dee.

All 5 minisodes are streaming live (for free) now on WYSK-TV, but be sure to check out the official trailer first.