While we were off celebrating the Mangina Award that a Men’s Rights Activist (or MRA) lavished on our guest contributor, John Marcotte, for being a proud feminist dad and supporter of women (GASP!), there was another anti-feminist storm brewing in social media land… but this one is estrogen fueled.

Simply named “Women Against Feminism,” the movement’s mission is to offer a social media based outlet for “women’s voices against modern feminism and its toxic culture.”

Its Tumblr and Facebook pages are an endless cascade of anonymous selfies of young women holding up signs that emphatically state why they either don’t need modern feminism or why they do. The latter are always super charged with acerbic sarcasm.

Anti-Feminism is “an umbrella term for people who think there is something seriously wrong with the actions of people acting in the name of ‘feminism’”.

The recurring themes in what we saw and read is that the proud members of the WAF seem to think that feminists hate men, are sluts, have a victim mentality, are violent, want to be paid more for doing less, are hairy, neglect their families, have a gross sense of entitlement, etc. The Tumblr page admin also likes the label Feminazis to describe feminists, with one recent July post blaming the sudden shutdown of their Facebook page on said “Feminazis.”

The misguided perceptions and mind-numbing stereotyping that are being added to by the day on these social media channels are terrifying, shameful, and sad. They’ve left us in a marathon head-scratching session.

Here’s what we want to know… Is there just a complete lack of respect for the pioneering women who fought tirelessly and against all odds so that these Women Against Feminism are now in the position to be able to have their voices heard (and selfies seen). Or is there a complete lack of knowledge of the history of women’s rights and how things stack up (or still don’t in many cases) today? How could the meaning of an 8 letter f-word have gotten so horribly mangled and twisted that it is now being used to cannibalize itself?

On the subject of supporting women, we don’t expect everyone who does to feel compelled to label themselves a “feminist,” but we do demand that if anyone chooses to use the word, they get its true essence and meaning straight, especially if they plan to slam it with a hashtag.

Some Of The Women Of “Women Against Feminism”

Since they have put themselves and their views out there for all the world to see, we picked 10 of our favorite examples of what this “movement” is all about. Each image below was captured from the Women Against Feminism Tumblr page.

WAF (10)

WAF (4)

WAF (2)

WAF (8)

WAF (1)

WAF (7)

WAF (5)

WAF (3)

WAF (6)