Following her UN Speech, Emma Watson was threatened with the release of nude photos. After criticizing the use of women as background decoration in video games, particularly in violent and sexual ways, prominent media critic Anita Sarkeesian received death and rape threats that forced her out of her own home. Menacing and senseless barbs hurled through digital space by faceless, misguided men whose fear of what they clearly do not understand causes them to detest strong, smart, empowered women. It’s an irrational hatred that knows no bounds. In fact, if you’re a man who supports these women, you too will end up on their (s)hit list.

Since their ire stems from the subject of equality, it’s fitting to call them equal opportunity haters. These men hate feminist women because they see our collective demand for gender parity through a twisted prism, a prism that magically morphs feminism into something it never was and still is not… an aggressive, Amazonian battle cry for world domination.

Consequently, they shamelessly spew their nonsensical disgust in the direction of empowered women, as well as at the more evolved members of their own gender who actually comprehend what feminism is all about, and dare to voice or show their support.

“Doesn’t take a rocket scientist 2 recognize they hate men…” – Josh Smith’s view of of radical feminists

Take WYSK contributor, John Marcotte – Founder of Heroic Girls, for example. A proud and vocal feminist, he wrote a piece for us that earned him a Mangina Award (Man + Vagina =) in May from some delusional MRA (Men’s Rights Activist). Then just this week, another woman hater/man hater engaged him in a back and forth verbal sparring session on Twitter in response to a meme we created with a powerful statement John made following the post-speech threats to Emma Watson.

John is a master at arguing articulately and sensibly in 140 characters or less, but the other dude, who attended Cornell Law School according to his Google+ profile, lacks the same finesse, which you’ll see for yourself below. We’re only sharing this to demonstrate the aforementioned prism and because we found it thoroughly entertaining.

The really sad part about all of these MRAs – trolls, woman hater/man hater, whatever choice name you come up with for them – is that they fail to realize that their blackened and hardened souls would not be on this earth had it not been for a woman.

Here’s Mr. “Smith’s” original Tweet to John using our meme…

Here’s how the conversation quickly dissolved as Mr. “Smith” continued to do a “bang-up job” diluting his own argument…

Josh Smith 1

Josh Smith 2

And the brilliant addendum…