Men Misbehaving,
Go To Hell You Creepy Pervs:
Thirteen Hate Haikus

Man on the subway
Masturbating at women,
What is wrong with you?

Do not send photos
Of your dick and shriveled balls.
I am eating lunch.

Still you send dick pics.
Forwarding to your mother.
No need to thank me.

What the holy hell?
I see your peen sticking out,
So small and wrinkled.

Stand-up comedy
Jokes about rape and boobies—
Why aren’t men funny?

No I don’t agree
That it is hard and massive.
Seek help right away.

Dildo on her desk,
A gift from the CEO.
She clubs him with it.

Posing for photos…
Where did your hand go? Stop it.
Grope your own bottom.

“Let’s talk more upstairs.”
Will you be in your bathrobe?
Don’t want to see that.

Your catcalls give me
Dude, where is your shame?

If your erection
Lasts longer than four hours, then
Contact your doctor.

No need for massage.
But please, do offer one to
Robert. He likes you. 😉

And finally…

POTUS forty-five
Grabbing pussies and leering
He will be impeached.

About The Author

Lori Day is an educational psychologist and consultant with Lori Day Consulting in Newburyport, MA. She is the author of Her Next Chapter, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center. She is also a regular contributor to Women You Should Know.

Lori Day DCCC

Lori Day at the 2017 Women’s March