What if men were women? That’s what this latest, comedic BuzzFeedVideo aims to show by flipping the female/male roles in a range of typical (one could argue stereotypical) every day scenarios from looking at magazine covers and picking what to watch on Netflix, to getting “cat called” on the street.

In one scene, a woman says to a male stand-up comedian who has just finished his set, “You’re so funny. I usually don’t think guys are funny.”

This really hit home for us, given our recent experience with the highly influential male host of the most listened to Top 40 morning radio show in the U.S. One of his female co-hosts (he has two talented women that flank him) was talking about how much she loved “Rack & Ruin,” the new web comedy series streaming on WYSK-TV. Calling it “brilliant,” she proceeded to share some of her favorite funny moments, and then excitedly added that it’s created and written by a woman, directed by a woman, and stars an almost all female ensemble cast. Without missing a beat, and without having seen even one nanosecond of the show, the radio behemoth moaned in response, “Ugh!” and then declared to his 5 million + listeners, “Women are not funny!” True story.

But the video’s last scene, which shows a little boy staring up at pictures of past U.S. Presidents (all women) and sighing in discouragement, made us realize that BuzzFeed’s point goes a little deeper than simple, viral entertainment.