We did not think it would be possible to make a better first period ad than last summer’s “Camp Gyno,” but Hello Flo has just outdone itself with its new “First Moon Party” spot. This is menarche marketing at its finest.

Here’s the set-up: A tween desperate to become a member of the exclusive “Cherry Slush Club,” one that all her friends have already joined, resorts to crafting her way into her “lady’s days” with a maxi pad and some Rubylicious nail polish. Her diabolical I-am-so-onto-you-and-your-sparkly-period Mom repays her daughter’s sham with a “First Moon Party”. Things go from funny to hilarious when the “vagician” shows up and grandpa starts bobbing for ovaries.

The moral of this Hello Flo story is… “Sometimes you just gotta wait,” says the male party guest as he patiently attempts to put ketchup on his hotdog.