“I have been at so many tables with so many fools – but shame on us if we sit by and let an impostor talk us down.” – Michelle Obama

On Tuesday, Michelle Obama sat down with entertainment powerhouse, Shonda Rhimes, before a crowd of 13,000 attendees at the 2017 Pennsylvania Conference for Women. Their conversation centered on our favorite topic… women’s empowerment. So when Shonda asked the former First Lady, “Do you think that women, in general, have less chances to fail?”, here’s how she answered… (This video clip is so worth the 2-minutes it will take to watch it – click her image twice to play)

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is a non-profit, non-partisan, one-day professional and personal development event for women. Its mission is to promote, communicate and amplify the influence of women in the workplace and beyond.

lead image credit: Pennsylvania Conference for Women
video credit: the UK-based, Channel 4 News