In this unscripted video from SheKnows Media’s Hatch program a group of teen girls confront the “microaggressions” they’ve been on the receiving end of and talk about how the words have affected them and their self-esteem.

Microaggressions are defined as a form of “unintentional discrimination,” and the point of this video was to educate parents on the subtleties of this concept and facilitate an important conversation.

“Oh you’re so pretty for a black girl.”… “Oh she has a Jew nose.”

“Most of the kids who participated were already aware of the term ‘microagression,'” Samantha Skey, founder of Hatch and CRO/CMO for SheKnows Media, told BuzzFeed. “They felt that even though they lived in liberal environments, they were still seeing this subtext that’s hurtful in more subtle ways.” She added, “We decided to focus the video on microagressions, or this idea of ‘death by a thousand paper cuts,’ to make the discussion more personal.”