Superhero loving WYSK readers, meet Netherlands based designer, Chungkong. By day he’s a brand identity and advertising designer, and by all other hours he’s an artist, creating his own original work. His latest is this series of super cool posters that feature his vehicular vision for 9 classic Superheroes should they be driving the classic Volkswagen T1 Van while saving the world from evil. And… he was smart enough to include Wonder Woman among his nine.

Even though Superman can fly without a vehicle, Wonder Woman already has her invisible plane, and “there are some awesome rides around in the superhero universe,” Chungkong wanted to see what Superhero rides would look like if they weren’t as cool as the Christian Bale Batmobile or as kickass as Tony Stark’s Mark III Iron Man Suit.

So using what he calls a “ragged” Volkswagen T1 Van as his base vehicle, these are the sweet rides he came up with for Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Punisher, Spiderman, Superman, The Thing, and, the one, the only, the WYSKy, Wonder Woman. The details on each van are great, including the alter ego vanity plates!

Our favorites are below, but you can check out the full series here. Added bonus for Iron Man fans… because Chungkong believes that “sharing is caring,” he’s made his Iron Man Volkswagen T1 Van available as a free download here.

The Hulk




Wonder Woman (“The Stunning”… Really? We Prefer “The Warrior”)




Captain America


The Thing


h/t designboom