The dark body. The rich flavor. The distinct aroma. The luscious crema. The delightful buzz. If you’re one of those people who can’t go without your daily espresso, now you can have it exactly when you want it, wherever you are – no cafe, no barista required – thanks to the Minipresso, a new hand powered portable espresso machine.

Imagine you’re scaling a mountain, holed up in a cabin writing the “great american novel,” devising a plan to save the world, on an archaeological dig, making a scientific breakthrough in your lab, or simply out-and-about when the urge strikes. You’re Jonesing for an espresso… just one little satisfying hit… but you’ve got no one and no way to “pull” a shot (that’s coffee talk for the act of producing a shot of espresso).

Women indicated that drinking coffee is a good way to relax.*

espressoEnter the Minipresso, the smallest (6.95 in), lightest (0.8 lbs) and most versatile handheld espresso machine. It’s also the first of its kind to integrate an espresso cup.

Requiring nothing but your own woman power to pump its semi-automatic piston, this mini-workhorse is able to produce 116 psi, which is exactly the pressure produced by traditional piston-driven espresso machines.

13 pushes and you’ve got a Ristretto. 18 pushes and you’ve got an Espresso. 28 pushes and you’ve got a Double Espresso.

Urge officially satisfied.

* Statistic from Espresso Business Solutions