Jenna Eaves and Supriya Hobbs, engineering students at University of Illinois, are on a mission to empower girls to do something BIG – whatever that may be.

In pursuit of this mission, the two friends pooled their passion and big dreams to create Miss Possible, an interactive online community and collection of dolls that represent real women who changed the world, to inspire girls to do the same.

Amelia_prototypeThe dolls, which are currently in development, will portray historical female trailblazers such as Marie Curie, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist and chemist, as 10-year old girls. The dolls, targeting girls 6-10, will feature reasonable, child-like proportions, modest wardrobe and coordinating accessories, i.e. Marie Curie will come with a science kit.

Each doll will include an access code to an online community, where the doll’s owner can play logic and puzzle games to build on problem-solving skills (the prototype Amelia Earhart doll pictured here, won’t be in the duo’s initial production due to licensing costs).

Jenna, a junior studying mechanical science engineering and Supriya, a senior chemical engineering student, spent hundreds of hours volunteering with girls in area schools, testing the waters, and trying to define the impact they wanted to make.

“There are a lot of girls who have the potential to change the world around them, but the underrepresentation of powerful women in youth-oriented media limits the paths they see for themselves,” the women explain. “Boys see presidents, astronauts, and CEOs, but girls are seeing more princesses and hypersexualized images. At Miss Possible, we intend to save girls from limitation, one doll at a time.”


Co-founders, Supriya Hobbs and Jenna Eaves

In developing their Miss Possible team, Jenna and Supriya have been hitting the entrepreneur competition and networking circuits and have plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign early fall 2014 to raise funds for production.

“We are growing, learning, and working together to catalyze change in the toy and game industry to inspire girls to dream big and give them the tools to achieve.”

Determined women + inspiring product to empower girls = a WYSKy mash-up like no other

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