We all spend so much time attached to our laptops, and iPads, and smartphones, and tablets, and e-readers, etc., it’s really hard to remember life without them. That’s why we LOVE the creative mashup-etry of Mike Licht, a D.C. based blogger behind Notions Capital, who gave a modern spin to some classic paintings of women by putting all varieties of mobile devices in their historic hands.

Here are some of our favorites from his Flickr page, including the lead image, which he cleverly calls “Whistler’s Mommy-Blogger“.

“Women of WiFi, after Caillebotte” (Mike Licht Flickr)

women of wifi

“Fruit of the Web, after Norman Rockwell” (Mike Licht Flickr)

Fruit Of The Web

“The Kindle Reader (A Young Girl Seated), after Renoir” (Mike Licht Flickr)

The Kindle Reader

“Christine de Pizan, Multi-Tasking” (Mike Licht Flickr)

PS – You may recall that we told you about Christine de Pizan, the first single working mother in European history and the first woman author in the West to make a living off her writing. She’s oh so WYSKy.

Christine de Pizan Multi-tasking

“Cydippe with Acontius’s Apple iPhone, after Paulus Bor” (Mike Licht Flickr)


“Child With Red Hair Surfing, after Lilla Cabot Perry” (Mike Licht Flickr)

child with red hair surfing

“Crouching Blogger, after Toulouse-Lautrec” (Mike Licht Flickr)

PS – You could also call this image “Internet Porn”!

Crouching Blogger