In 1984, at age three, Jaclyn Carter was on her back porch with her grandmother when she made her first card. They dyed sand from her sandbox with food coloring and glued it to construction paper cut in the shape of a flower. The card was for Jaclyn’s mom and the intention behind it was to let her know how much they loved her. Nearly 28 years later, Jaclyn is still hand making meaningful cards with texture and real emotion behind them. Only now she’s not just making them for her family; she’s creating them for customers all over the world through her blossoming, online greeting card company, Love Jac.

Jaclyn, a former member of The Rachael Ray Show television production team, launched Love Jac in 2011. The idea came to her after being constantly confronted by the fact that greeting cards in the store never quite said what she wanted to say or conveyed how she felt. On top of that, every time she made and sent one of her own cards, including her wedding invitations, the feedback she got was overwhelmingly positive. Like any savvy thinking woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, Jaclyn recognized a need, had tangible proof that she could deliver a desirable solution and set out to do something about it. Starting a company in a completely new industry, and on the heels of having just had her first baby, took lots of research and a huge leap of faith. But Jaclyn, a woman who loves a good plan and always has one, was determined to turn her lifelong passion into a professional reality. And she did!

Success has come fast and furious for Love Jac. The company was featured in The New York Times just yesterday, after being awarded a second place grant in the Brooklyn Public Library’s eighth annual “PowerUp!” business plan contest. Jaclyn, one of over 100 rookie entrepreneurs to enter, plans to use the grant money to further expand her growing company.

Love Jac Bumps In The Road CardWe recently visited Love Jac’s Brooklyn, NY design studio and were dazzled by stacks of colorful paper and an array of every handcrafting gizmo and gadget you could imagine. It’s a creative think tank with a dusting of glitter on the floor, the faint scent of ink in the air and cards in all stages of creation. We likened it to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of the handmade greeting card art world. Love Jac’s signature style is her photo mounted greeting cards, which feature original photos that have been visually transformed by using a number of processes like bleaching, stamping, embossing or sewing. Classic typewriter lettering spells out clever and thoughtful messages on each card design, offering a touch of eye popping, nostalgic detail. The company also offers limited edition hand embossed cards and custom designed cards for special occasions like births and weddings.

Love Jac LogoThe Love Jac site is adorable and the cards are quirky, sweet and incredibly original… they are clearly as feel good to send as they are to receive. In a world that is becoming far too impersonal, we want to thank Woman You Should Know Jaclyn Carter for helping us stay connected the old fashioned way.