This February 9 – 16, 2012, the fashion industry’s elite will be sending their cutting-edge, Fall 2012 wares down the runway during New York Fashion Week. A-list editors, designers, celebrities, stylists and models will attend the by-invitation-only shows, while mere mortals like average American moms look on in awe of the spectacle of perfectly beautiful things (the clothes and the people) or with apathy because it is all so beyond what their lives are about. But, the Fashion Week game is changing this season thanks to the genius idea of six highly successful and very fashionable women, who also happen to be… MOMS. Why? Because they said so!

Meet Vera, Audrey, Stephanie, Denise, Melissa and Holly… the Women You Should Know behind Strut, the first ever Fashionable Mom Show to be part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. These hard working, professional women are all moms themselves and each know a thing or two about balancing style and function without sacrificing glamour. For them, motherhood does not automatically relegate a woman to a frumpy existence shrouded in yoga pants and baggy shirts. So, the six mommanistas set out to create a multi-media fashion event that would put the power of attainable style in front of more conventional moms (compared to the typical Fashion Week attendee), as they are the segment of the population that is actually doing the majority of household spending*. Their idea was innovative and compelling enough to get the Fashion Week decision makers to take notice and hand over one of their coveted runways at Lincoln Center to a bunch of moms. And that is how Strut was born.

Strut LogoThursday, February 16, the last day of Fashion Week this season, will mark the debut of the Fashionable Mom Show as a bevy of real moms of all ages, shapes and sizes take the runway to strut their maternal stuff in apparel from different contemporary designers. The multi-brand fashion show will feature on-trend looks that are wearable, affordable and doable for today’s moms. Unlike the rest of the Fashion Week shows, which will preview looks for Fall 2012, the Strut show will showcase accessible trends that are in stores now. All the clothing worn by the mom models will be auctioned off for charity.

If you are not one of the lucky 200 some odd people to be on the Strut guest list, don’t fret. The organizers promise to deliver one of the largest live streaming fashion shows online, so moms (and other women) from all over the globe can get in on the fashion action. There will also be a live Twitter feed and real-time blogging from the event, so not a moment will be undocumented or missed.

From articles in WWD to New York Magazine, the buzz around this event is getting louder and louder every day, though the participating brands remain hush hush. But, we imagine that lots of mainstream, women’s apparel brands are clamoring to get in… this is after all New York Fashion Week where runways are usually only reserved for top tier fashion designers. So, to have the chance to be a part of the biggest fashion stage in the world and to get your goods not only worn by moms that wield lots of influence in social media circles, but in front of an audience of digitally connected women sounds like a golden opportunity.

Strut’s Fab Six Are:

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff – Director of Fashion at Lincoln Center and a fashion consultant to IMG

Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney – Social media gurus and founders of Getting Gorgeous, a savvy concept that builds relationships between brands and social media influencers

Holly Pavlika – Founder of Mom-entum, a women-focused marketing subsidiary of full service marketing and communications company Big Fuel

Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein – Founders of The Moms, a multiplatform lifestyle brand

* According to the statistics that we received from Strut, “Women are the world’s most powerful demographic. As of August 2010 there were over 157 million women in the U.S. alone controlling the majority of all household spending decision. There are 84 million moms in the U.S. of which 32 million are online and motherhood triggers their social activity.”