Commercial artist, illustrator, designer and avid coffee drinker, Maria Aristidou spilled her favorite beverage on a canvas while working one day. That unfortunate accident turned into her passion… coffee painting.

Mixing five different blends and brands of coffee to get just the right shade, Maria uses the prepared coffee as if she was painting with watercolors, resulting in stunning portraits of her favorite pop culture characters, people and icons.

Of her Mona Lisa, one of the first coffee paintings she did more than two years ago, Maria explained, “It took me over 10 hours to complete. This painting is a mixture of Greek Coffee and Espresso brewed specifically to create the dark shades and to give the old vintage feel to it.”

This past July, in prep for season 7 of Game of Thrones Maria painted some of the show’s iconic characters in coffee and they’re awesome. Watch her bring Daenerys, Arya Stark, and Cersei Lannister to caffeinated life…



Check out some of Maria’s other brilliant creations on her Instagram. We’re big fans of her Art On Cakes, for which she uses edible paint to recreate some of the world’s most famous art masterpieces on… real cake.