Last month more than 2,000 women armed with crochet hooks came together to create the world’s largest crochet blanket, which was ultimately put to very good use. The feat was started by 44-year-old crochet-lover and founder of Mother India’s Crochet Queens, Subashri Natarajan.

Measuring an astonishing 120,000 square feet, the women set a new Guinness World Record, and smashed the old one by more than three times.

In an interview with Guinness, Subashri said about her inspiration…

I started the wonderful art of crochet from a young age. At the age of 10, I remembered very clearly playing with yarn creating beautiful dreams with crochet. I have been a very ambitious child always wanting to achieve great things in life. This dream of making it big in the world stayed with me into adulthood. I have always been looking for opportunities to come my way and finally decided that I have to create an opportunity and not wait for one. It is at this time I decided to research on Guinness World Records projects related to crochet.

Subashri initially planned on setting the record on her own, but realized that she’d need help. So she took to social media and started Mother India’s Crochet Queens Facebook group, inviting other women to join her.


Volunteers aged 8 to 85 from India, as well as 13 other countries, contributed by creating hundreds of sections to make the giant blanket. Once the record was confirmed, the blanket was taken apart and the individual squares were donated to those in need through NGO charities.

Subashri couldn’t be more excited about completing her goal. “Having attained a great record, I feel proud and at the same time thankful to Guinness World Records for being supportive throughout the entire journey. To me the journey has just begun and it is to follow many more dreams and adventures in the coming years.”

To get a better perspective of the scale of the blanket, check out this video: