Mother Nature, arguably the very first WYSK to exist, never ceases to amaze us. Despite her age, occasional wrath and bad reputation, her beauty, power, and mystery remain unparalleled, revered and mind boggling. She has recently besieged most of the US, even the warmest areas, with snow… heavy, cold, wet, and white blankets she crafts with countless, individual ice crystals, better known as snowflakes.

Too small to fully appreciate with the human eye, and too fragile to hold on a warm hand, it’s tough to be able to experience the true, intricate beauty of the snowflakes she produces and sends dancing through the Earth’s atmosphere in winter. That was until Alexey Kljatov, a Russian school assistant, decided to take some unbelievable photographs of her meticulous handy work.

Using nothing more than a standard camera and a macro lens, he shot some snowflakes by lighting them from below a glass surface with an LED flashlight and others on a dark opaque background (i.e. wool fabric). The result… jaw dropping, head scratching, these-can’t-be-real-but-they-are photos that make you realize just how awesome Mother Nature is.

The Wall Street Journal has all of Alexey’s snowflake pix. You can check them out here.

snowflake 1

Snowflake 5

snowflake 4

snowflake 2