When Sophie Noelle Lynn was seven years old she started writing anonymous notes to her teacher and some of the faculty at her school as a way to show her appreciation for their hard work. The random act of kindness was something she learned from her mom, Natalie Rekstad, who often leaves notes of thanks and encouragement around her community. It’s these simple gestures that inspired the mother/daughter duo to write The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse, a children’s book created to inspire kindness and compassion.

The book, which is aimed at elementary-school kids, tells the story of “a tiny mouse with a big heart, and the transformative power of anonymous good deeds.”

Natalie, a philanthropy consultant, saw the opportunity to inspire children and spread the joy of giving, by collaborating with her daughter. “If we can enhance children’s empathy by inviting them to see the world through someone else’s eyes—not for attention or praise, but out of a genuine sense of goodness—we can make the world a better place,” she said.


The story begins on a rainy day with a bored and listless Sophie Mouse. But she soon happens upon a mysterious poem and embarks on an “anonymouse” spirited adventure. As the story unfolds, Sophie Mouse’s small acts of generosity inspire others throughout the forest, creating a culture and community of kindness… just like Sophie and Natalie do every day.

The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse is the first in a series the mother/daughter duo are working on. A hardcopy of the book is available on the website, or you can download a digital version here.

More about the authors

Natalie and Sophie_headshotSophie lives with her mom, dad, and dogs Singer and Tussle in Boulder, CO. Sophie is an avid and expressive writer of adventure stories and is currently developing a theatrical adaptation of The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse.

Natalie is the founder of Black Fox Philanthropy, a non-profit consulting firm that advises families and individuals on giving, and creates innovative funding strategies for nonprofits.

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