Modern families come in all varieties today. Honey Maid did a brilliant job of showing us just how beautiful this is. Adding another rich thread into this diverse tapestry, there appears to be a new type of family on the rise, as more young women are opting to have little dogs instead of little humans.

So where is this “kids with paws” trend coming from? We got the scoop from the business-news site Quartz.

Using statistics from the US Department of Health, Quartz reports that birth rates in the US have fallen 10% since 2007. Specifically, American women (15 to 29 year olds) birthed almost 400,000 fewer little humans in 2013 than they did six years before.

woman_little dogAt the same time, small dog ownership (pooches weighing less than 20 pounds) – is doing just the opposite. As reported by Pets International, the population of little canines has more than doubled in the US since 1999. In fact, the number of small dogs has grown so fast that they are now the most popular kind nationwide.

Is it just a coincidence that Americans are birthing fewer babies at the same time as they’re adopting/buying a lot more little dogs? Experts don’t think so, with one, Damian Shore an analyst at market-research firm Euromonitor, acknowledging that there is “some level of replacement happening.”

Shore told Quartz, “Women are not only having fewer children but are also getting married later. There are more single and unmarried women in their late 20s and early 30s, which also happens to be the demographic that buys the most small dogs.”

The conclusion is that the national trend towards later motherhood is certainly playing its part in this “kids with paws” explosion.

And, as the Quartz piece points out, these canine mamas just might be onto something, “A study last year found that dogs form bonds of dependency with their owners not unlike the ones babies form with their parents.”

Whatever the cause and effect, we think this trend is a win-win… for the women and dogs. Giving and receiving unconditional love is a priceless gift whether you have two legs or four.

PS – While I love dogs as much as anyone else, cats make great “kids with paws” too. Just saying.

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