Feminism. It’s an 8 letter word that elicits a powerful response. It inspires; it’s misunderstood; it’s been the subject of great debate for decades. So the Ms. Foundation For Women, who has been leading the charge towards achieving true equality since 1973, recently set out to paint a broad, inclusive and intersectional picture of Feminism in America today. The result is a groundbreaking campaign that aims to challenge and change the current national conversation around equal rights by asking the question… what does your Feminism look like?

To get this much needed conversation started, the campaign launched this morning with a series of five videos presenting self-identified feminists discussing the importance of Feminism and why they consider themselves feminists. While each of their stories and experiences is markedly different, they all echo the Ms. Foundation definition of Feminism as “the social, economic and political equality of all genders.”

The videos are the product of 72 hours of interviews and conversations with a true cross-section of participants – advocates, activists, media personalities, professional athletes, journalists, and philanthropic leaders – that include Ms. Founder Gloria Steinem, former NFL Football Player and LGBT Advocate Wade Davis, television host Melissa Harris-Perry, comedian and co-creator of the Daily Show Lizz Winstead, and our very own Women You Should Know co-founders Jen Jones and Cynthia Hornig.

Now the Ms. Foundation is inviting the public to get in on the conversation by sharing their stories, definitions and pictures. Through this user-generated content they hope to paint the true face of Feminism in America.

We live in a time when each person holds a responsibility to push for change and challenge and rewrite history/herstory to reflect who we are in an accurate way,” Teresa C. Younger, Ms. Foundation fro Women President and CEO shared. “The majority of the public already believes in the equality of ‘ALL genders,’ we just want to make sure people understand that, that is exactly what Feminism is.”

So get in on the conversation and tell the Ms. Foundation what YOUR Feminism looks like, via email, and on social media using the hashtag #MyFeminismIs.

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