General Mills is on a health kick, tackling the subject from all angels. In June, it committed to removing artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources from the rest of its cereals. Earlier this month, its Lucky Charms went gluten free. Now, via its Multi-Grain Cheerios, the multinational food making and marketing giant is on a mission to spare young girls from unhealthy media messages known as… “Dietainment.”

So what is Dietainment? It’s a phrase coined by Multi-Grain Cheerios Canada to describe “unhealthy diet messages disguised as harmless entertainment” that flood social and traditional media. And the cereal brand is particularly concerned with what effect these types of messages have on the impressionable young girls who are exposed to them constantly, citing that “nearly one in three tween girls have dieted.”

This video brings the issue to life with tween girls reading diet ads and advertorials aloud, and culminates with a call to action to viewers to sign a petition in support of putting an end to Dietainment. It’s the kick-off to an extension campaign of Multi-Grain Cheerios’ 2013 “World Without Dieting” movement, which was designed to shine a giant spotlight “on the media industry’s obsession with dieting and its inadvertent influence on young girls.” Back then, consumers were invited to take an oath to never use the word dieting again, and instead use words like healthy, strong, nourished and amazing.

We’re down with anything that can slay the nasty beast that is “Dietainment” for all consumers, as young girls are certainly not the only ones to fall prey to its well packaged fads and photoshopped trickery. But, we could do without marshmallow cereal being passed off as a nutritious way for anyone to start the day, even if it is now gluten-free.