Today is National Pie Day! Considered one of the most traditional of American desserts, pie has actually been around since the ancient Egyptians.

Pie came to America with the first English settlers and was traditionally made with meat. Over the years, the popular dessert has evolved, and today is considered as “American as apple pie”.

And when it comes to favorites, according to a survey by the American Pie Council, apple pie is by far the most popular form of the fruit-filled dessert, with chocolate and pumpkin pies tied for second, and cherry coming in a close third.

But there’s more to pie than meets the eye. We learned from Beth Howard, pie baker and author of Making Piece: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie, that it isn’t just a dessert, it’s also nourishment for the soul.

We first met Beth back in 2012 and since then, she has continued to connect with people through pie. Most recently she and a team of volunteers handed out over 300 pies in Newtown, CT after the tragic school shooting.

“It’s about the nourishment of the heart and soul that comes from the simple act of giving to others,” says Beth. “Pie makes people happy, happy people want to do nice things for others, when everyone is doing nice things for each other all the time there can be no war, and therefore pie can save the world.”

So today, when you celebrate National Pie Day, remember that you too can spread happiness and peace, one pie piece at a time.

To learn more about Beth and her upcoming book Ms. American Pie click here.