Imagine what our country would be like if every single American woman was registered to vote, and voted. Yeah, that would be pretty terrific. But in fact, in 2012, only 64% of U.S. female citizens reported being registered to vote.

voting buttonVoting was an ugly battle for our foremothers who fought long and hard to secure this sacred and undeniable right. It’s the simple act of registering to vote that is the key to getting more women to participate in the political process. Voting is the only way to make an impact on the critical issues facing our communities.

“Everybody counts in applying democracy. And there will never be a true democracy until every…adult in it, without regard to race, sex, color or creed, has his or her own inalienable and unpurchasable voice in government,” said Carrie Chapman Catt, Founder of League of Women Voters.

The League of Women Voters has been working to protect voting rights for over 90 years and has been a leader in the nationwide effort to register hundreds of thousands of voters on National Voter Registration Day. WYSK connected with the organization to learn a few simple steps we can all take to be a part of today’s voter registration efforts.

“The vote is the emblem of your equality, women of America. Progress is calling to you to make no pause. Act!” – Carrie Chapman Catt, Founder, League of Women Voters

  1. Send an eCard to people you know who may need to register to vote or update their registration. This includes anyone you know who has recently turned 18, became a citizen, moved or changed their name.
  2. Snap a selfie with your voter registration card, an “I’m registered” sign or a voter registration application. Post it on your social media channels with a link to the LWV online voter registration tool and the #celebrateNVRD hashtag. Your actions on social media can influence your friends to take action!
  3. Mentor a friend who is new to the elections process. Help show new voters the ropes by sharing with them, so they can know what to expect to see on their ballot. Then commit to going to the polls with them on Election Day.

So, if you’re eligible, and not registered to vote, today is the day to do it!

And… if you have any young women or men in your life who are turning 18 this year… we encourage you to share this great video from YouTube phenom JennxPenn with them.

Lead image via League of Women Voters