“Are you a woman who finds it hard to smile AT ALL TIMES? Are men constantly begging you to smile in public? Sign up for the Smile Bitch Training Camp, and we’ll teach you how to smile like a lady!”

This hilarious satire video, which has had us belly laughing all day, was created by comedian Janelle James, who is definitely a woman you should know!

Janelle is a Caribbean born comic who started doing standup in the Midwest. She describes her work as a mix of “raunch, family life and morbid thoughts about depression and aging.”

Now living in New York City, you can find Janelle performing at Laugh Factory Chicago, Gotham, Helium and Carolines Comedy Clubs.

“When not performing, Janelle can be found tweeting the boredom away.”

More On Street Harassment

Street harassment is an issue that affects women worldwide and includes catcalls, sexist remarks, groping, leering, stalking and assault. In an informal study conducted by Stop Street Harassment, almost 99% of women surveyed have been harassed a few times, and over 65% said they were harassed on at least a monthly basis.