As a forensic psychologist and social justice advocate Stephanie Tabashneck works with kids regularly, and often uses coloring books as a tool to connect and communicate with them. It was during a session with a group of mothers and daughters that Stephanie took more careful notice of the way girls were being represented in the coloring books she used, and realized something needed to change.

“Every day we’re bombarded with images of girls in one-dimensional, passive roles. There are very few books for children that capture the strength and ambition of girls today,” Stephanie said in an interview. “The situation for girls of color is even worse – they are virtually absent. As a psychologist, I’m very aware of the devastating impact these subtle messages have on children. I wanted to be a part of the solution.”

Filled with inspiration and impassioned to make a difference, Stephanie, along with illustrator Tanja Tadic created, Dream Big! More Than A Princess, an “empowering coloring book that encourages the next generation of trailblazing ladies to reach for the stars in science, technology, and leadership.”

“By sitting down and interacting with the image through coloring, there is more time to absorb the positive messages that one’s gender shouldn’t hold you back when it comes to career choices.”

Twenty-five diverse illustrations show girls in a wide variety of careers, including a surgeon, Fortune 500 CEO, engineer, computer programmer, scientist, inventor, President, and more.




Dream Big! More than a Princess is the first of the new Dream Big! series, next up… a Dream Big book for boys, because like us, Stephanie also thinks “… it is just as important to free boys from gender stereotypes.”

If you can see it, you can be it!