To all of the internet trolls out there, you’re about to get caked!

The oh so brilliant Kat Thek, a self-taught baker who lives in Brooklyn, New York, is the mastermind behind Troll Cakes, a bakery and detective agency that sends trolls their unsavory comments back to them in the form of a chocolate chip brownie cake with whipped frosting.

Kat was inspired to start Troll Cakes when she saw hateful online comments piling up against Dolly Parton. “People were saying bizarrely mean things to Dolly Parton it made me really mad, she is a treasure everyone loves her what is the point of being mean to Dolly Parton?” Kat told WPIX in an interview. “So I came up with the idea to bake a cake and send the words back to them on the cake.”

Troll CakesHow does it work? It’s simple. You send Troll Cakes the internet comment that you received, and Kat makes it into a cake. They then box it up and mail it to whoever said it. The box includes a copy of the original comment. “The Troll Cakes look mean, but taste nice.”

Troll Cakes

If you have the address it’ll cost you $25, and if you don’t Kat and her team will investigate and “track ‘em down” for a total of $60.

Troll Cakes

And if you aren’t lucky enough to be on the receiving end of troll comments don’t worry, you can still get in on the cakery fun. Kat is offering a “Tiny Hands Special” where they’ll send a troll cake of your preferred Trump tweet to the White House for just 20 bucks.

Troll Cakes

“When someone says something mean, it’s just funny to put it on a cake,” said Kat. “You can’t take a troll seriously, it’s just an idiot who said something and if somebody wants to yell ‘I’m a huge idiot’ I think it’s our duty to let them do that and put it on a cake and make them see how it looks.”

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