“Hey NFL! Thanks for caring about our boobs. Wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness was awesome.

Now, start caring about the rest of us.”

Made by Women Media, a group of Los Angeles-based filmmakers who produce content to change women’s lives for the better, created this PSA “NO HITS” to call on the NFL to change their code of conduct to a simple and clear policy: #OneHitMeansOut.

Why now? “Because the NFL currently has 12 active players who have admitted to or been convicted of domestic abuse,” Made by Women Media explains. “If they change their policy to a clear and consistent rule, they have the ability to change college sports and even high school sports in the future.”

In 2014 the NFL partnered with the domestic violence awareness campaign NO MORE to take a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault, but the league has yet to take any significant steps to its personal conduct policies, or any other action for that matter.

“The NFL has spent a long time talking about change. It’s time they live up to their No More challenge.”

Made by Women Media is a collaboration between writer/producer Tessa Bell; writer/director/producer Natalie Metger; producer Shay Moore; writer/producer Cecilia Najar; and actor/writer/ producer Meredith Riley Stewart.

h/t Alicia E. Barrón