Norma Kamali has had an enduring presence in the fashion industry, dressing women and setting trends for the past four decades. You may know her as the innovative designer who created the puffer “sleeping bag” coat, or maybe donned the oversized shoulder pads she put into everything that was all the rage in the 1980’s. But, today, at the age of 67, Ms. Kamali is becoming equally known for her activism and efforts to empower women.

Having a long career in the fashion industry has made the designer acutely aware of the issues women struggle with and experience in regard to self-esteem and image. Ms. Kamali says, “The one experience all women around the world share is objectification. It starts at a very early age for women, and ends the last day of our lives. We never talk about the experiences because they are humiliating and embarrassing.” This collective experience is what inspired Kamali to create the campaign Stop Objectification.

stopobjectification.comStop Objectification is an interactive website where users can submit photos of their favorite body parts and include an empowerment statement “that lets the world know what makes you more.” It is an opportunity for women to free themselves from the negative talk and humiliation experienced first hand. Kamali implores women to turn objectification into empowerment and hopes with this project that women who’ve had negative and sexual messages put upon them, take the power back!

We love the in-your-face approach Kamali is taking and find the images, along with the captions, to be incredibly effective in creating a new self-awareness. You can be sure we will be adding ours.

“Let this be the start to STOP OBJECTIFICATION”