Would you want to eat your dinner in a public bathroom stall? We sure don’t, and we think it’s safe to say that women nursing their babies wouldn’t want to either! It’s this sentiment that inspired the campaign When Nurture Calls, by Kris Haro and Johnathan Wenske, two enlightened students from the University of North Texas, bringing attention to a mother’s right to breastfeed in public.

The aim of the campaign, which Kris and Johnathan developed in the classroom, is to build support for a proposed Texas bill ensuring that women are legally protected from harassment and discrimination when they breastfeed in public places. The bill takes existing provisions one step further by giving women the ability to call for legal action against any persons or facility that denies them of this right.

The original bill died in last year’s legislative session, but Texas state Rep. Jessica Farrar plans to reintroduce it again next year.

Each of the three cringe worthy  images feature a woman nursing her child in a bathroom stall, with headlines that read “Bon Appétit”, “Table for Two” and “Private Dining”. The ads are designed to be mounted on public bathroom doors, because many women find themselves having to use a public bathroom in order to breastfeed their baby in a harassment free environment.

The small fine print on the posters say…

breastfeeding ad copy

Although it is 2014, breastfeeding in public continues to be a very divisive topic for many. You can show your support of breastfeeding mothers by liking the When Nurture Calls Facebook page, contacting your state legislator and spreading the word.