Much like the U.S., women in the Philippines are still challenged by double standards and gender bias, particularly when it comes to education and women’s roles in society. In an effort to bring attention to the issues, Pantene Philippines created this video with the message, “Don’t Let Labels Hold You Back. Be Strong and Shine”.

The haircare company partnered with the social news network Rappler to survey Filipino men and women about their views regarding the choices women make when it comes to the family/work balance, beauty and how women are represented in top political positions. The results are jaw dropping.

A whopping 70% of survey respondents believed men deserved employment more than women, and 65% said that it’s more important for men to finish a university education.

But the most disturbing of all is that 70% of men think that women need to downplay their personalities to be accepted in the workplace.

In just one minute, this video effectively portrays many of the gender labels we’ve come to know so well. Our only hope is that this hits the airwaves here, and soon!