To boldly go where no man (or in this case woman) has gone before, California-based Blackmarket Bakery recently served up this delightful gingerbread recreation of the U.S.S. Enterprise starship from Star Trek.

Pastry chef and self-proclaimed trekkie Rachel Klemek, along with her husband and kids, started this multiple-component gingerbread creation by using drawings found online of the starship featured in the movie Wrath of Khan. They then created a template out of cardboard, which was used to form the gingerbread pieces.

Using an internal framework to give the ship its basic structure, the discs of gingerbread were secured with frosting, and then decorated with detailed candy accents and icing serial numbers. Peppermint sticks form a laser beam suspending the ship in the atmosphere. On the base of the piece, marshmallows and candy canes create a frozen like tundra as the Enterprise hovers above.


Influenced by her two Southern, sugar-loving grandmothers, Rachel equates baking and eating cookies and other sweet treats as a way of showing and sharing family love. After some hands on experience in the industry, Rachel attended the Culinary Institute of America at Napa Valley, in Baking & Pastry, graduating at the top of her class. In 2004, she struck out on her own, founding Blackmarket Bakery.

By using fundamentals – butter, flour, sugar, eggs (all black market goods during WWII), Rachel and her all female team of Blackmarketeers focuses on “creating a conscious moment of indulgence for anyone who dares to partake.”

If you are lucky enough to live in or around the Costa Mesa area, the elaborate gingerbread sculpture is now on display at the bakery’s shop.