Period-proof underwear company Thinx is taking on the incontinence industry with its sister brand Icon, “patented pee-proof underwear that lets leaky ladies kick pantyliners (and the lame stigma of bladder leaks) to the curb.”

One in four women over the age of 18 struggle with “dreaded dribbles”, but not many of us are talking about it. With their new ad campaign Piss Off, Icon hopes to shift cultural conversations around women’s bladder health.

Piss Off is “a celebration of a term that women should say more often,” the company says in a press release. “Freedom means saying ‘yes!’ to whatever lights you up, and ‘piss off’ to what doesn’t.”

The new campaign, which launched November 13 features three “unruly” women who are living their lives unapologetically.

ashley piss off ad

Ashley Wright, 32, is no stranger to controversy. She’s gone viral several times with videos of her unapologetic combination of pole dancing and motherhood. We love her assertiveness that motherhood and sexuality aren’t mutually exclusive.

bella piss off ad

Bella McCloud, 57, Bella is pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology in Hawaii. She’s wise even beyond the years she wears proudly through her gorgeous grey hair. Speaking of, Bella’s dissertation is all about how women’s identity intersects with her hair, and the archetypes we assign to a woman based on the color of her locks. She explores the shame many women feel about going grey, and the sisterhood and feminism found in embracing your age. She’s a cancer survivor, yoga instructor, and one of the most youthful and soulful individuals we’ve ever met. She plans to live to 102.

Tara Jepsen, 44,  is a writer, skateboarder, comic, and actor living in Los Angeles. Her first novel, “Like a Dog,” was released in September to much acclaim. Tara also co-created Pave The Way, a skateboard deck design company which celebrates the common ground between queer and skate communities with illustrated designs featuring queer icons. In addition to slinging pee-proof undies, Tara can be spotted around the internet in music videos, and on Season Two of Transparent.

The ads can be seen throughout NYC and Brooklyn for the next seven weeks.

Images courtesy of Icon. Republished on Women You Should Know with permission.