By CycleDork – We may just be (finally) having a public conversation about periods, but periods, lest we forget, have been around for centuries, of course. How did women of olden days manage them? How did Victorian era Brits change their pads under all their layers of corsets and crinoline? Were Cherokee menstruators really capable of destroying their enemies with menstrual blood? All of these questions answered and more* in this hilarious web series appropriately titled, Period Piece, from creator Liliana Tandon.

Each of the seven bite-sized 2-minute-or-less episodes in the series tackles a menstrual moment in history from biblical times to 18th Century France to our present day. Based on some pretty interesting menstrual facts, the series takes a turn down the not nearly visited enough thoroughfare of period humor.

Liliana hopes to use this short form series to destigmatize menstruation in the media as well as empower women to embrace their periods. Eventually, she hopes to team up with a charity that brings affordable feminine hygiene products to countries where such products are not readily available.

“This show is going to help little girls realize they don’t have to be ashamed of their periods,” Liliana writes on her blog. “This show is going to teach little boys that menstruation blood is not disgusting while stab wounds are manly. This show is going to educate people about the injustice happening to women around the globe who aren’t able to get an education, all for something that we owe our lives to.”

We invite you to watch all of the episodes below. Tell us which is your fave! (Ours might have to be Periodpalooza Water-to-Wine Bender — we’ll let you figure out which one that is.)

*Well, sort of. With a few artistic liberties.

18th Century France

Eau de tampon?

Victorian England

A spot of tea of crampets. (Maybe it’s raspberry leaf?)

Colonial America

Boom. Compromise this

Biblical Times

Red Tent vino tinto. 


Menstruation meditation. Owwwmmm.

1920s Brooklyn

Sanitary pad insanity… is where we’d be. (Yes, we know some people are still embarrassed buying period products. Stop that! Thanks, the management.)


Five stages of grief? We say, grab a towel and go for it. 

Thanks for the fun. If you loved this… check out Season 2!

This story was first published on CycleDork, a period-positive website dedicated to undoing the taboo, and is republished here with express permission. You can follow CycleDork on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.