One in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. 

It’s a staggering and unforgiving statistic, and the one that has inspired artist Samantha Humphreys’s What If? series, a powerful statement about violence against women.

The series is based on the theoretical question of, “What if we were to teach our children at an early age about the harsh realities that face some?”

Samantha explains on her website, “Clearly, we wouldn’t dream of exposing children to such things and my work is by no means intended to be used as an educational tool but by using Barbie dolls, an iconic toy that oozes perfection, I am demonstrating that life for some is by no means perfect. The series of ten images also explores insecurity, loneliness, illness and addiction.”

Accessorizing one of the most iconic images of our culture, as a victim of violence, with black eyes, blood and bruises, Samantha presents a haunting, dark reality.


Barbie_on ground

To view the complete series, click here.

All images ©Samantha Humphreys.