Finding inspiration from classical paintings from artists such as Rembrandt, Raphael and Vemeer, Australian portrait photographer Bill Gekas, his wife Nikoleta and daughter Athena have put their family talents together to pay tribute to the old masters.

Bill has always had an admiration and respect for the works by old master painters, which has influenced his stylistic approach to his work. He was looking for a way to recreate the famous paintings when he had the idea to use Athena, who was just 3 years old at the time, as the model.

Since then, he has been shooting once every few weeks, and what started as a personal family project, has continued on for the past three years.

WYSK had a chance to connect with Bill to learn more about the project and what Athena is learning along the way.

“It’s become a fun collaborative project. Athena loves art, in particular craft work. She is learning a lot as we’re going along looking at old paintings and she’s asking questions about that time period. Athena is also learning how I set scenes, and asks about how the camera works with the lights etc. I’m sure she’ll be a good photographer later on.”

“We shoot for ourselves first and foremost, but it’s the fun moments we have during the shoots that is something our daughter will cherish and perhaps remember more so than the actual works themselves.”

We already loved the photos, and now we love the Gekas family too!

You can view more of the portraits here.

Bill Gekas Photography: Pleiadian

Bill Gekas Photography:Doilies In Delft

Bill Gekas Photography: Laundrette

Bill Gekas Photography: The Letter

Bill Gekas Photography: Pears

Bill Gekas Photography: Potatoes

All images published with permission © Bill Gekas Photography