Last fall, Christine McConnell, a Los Angeles based photographer and stylistwowed us with images of her deliciously disturbing, creepy confections (she’s also a self-taught baker). So it’s no surprise that when the multi-talented WYSK decided to connect with her past and trace her familial roots, she did it in a most spectacular way.

Traveling back in time two hundred years to her great-great-great grandmother, Christine replicated the family portraits of seven generations of women in her maternal line using herself as the model. The result is her Seven Generations of American Women series that features side by side portraits of her ancestor on the left, and Christine emulating that woman on the right. It’s a beautiful (and super cool) visual story of how she became, well, her*.

* Yep, we just borrowed a version the tagline for our close, but that was simply to point out what a great add-on service Christine’s concept could be for the genealogy giant.

Martha (born 1821): Great-great-great-grandmother


Jane (born 1858): Great-great-grandmother


Attie Mae (born 1898): Great-grandmother


Mildred (born 1928): Grandmother


Kathryn (born 1957): Mother


Christine (born 1981): Herself


Trigger (born TBD): A placeholder for Christine’s future daughter