By YogaDork – Speaking of defying “yoga body” stereotypes. Meet Phyllis Sues. At 85 she walked into her first yoga class and it changed her life. At 92 she’s got us so inspired we feel like dancing the tango. (More on that later!)


Phyllis Sues, born April 4, 1923, got the dance bug early. Before she was 20, she was performing around the world from Broadway to South America to a USO tour for the Air Corps during World War II.


But her adventurous spirit didn’t end with dance. At age 50 she started her own fashion label. In her 70’s she became a musician, and learned both Italian and French. At 80 she fell in love with tango, and even tried her hand at being a trapeze artist. Oh, and skydiving too.

After decades of fantastic adventures, at 85 years young, Phyllis stepped into her first yoga class, which changed her life.


Phyllis has arthritis and osteoporosis, but thanks to her yoga practice, she’s able to manage both. Not only has it helped her own poses we can only do in our dreams, like a handstand and the peacock pose, yoga also helps Phyllis with balance, which enables her to continue her true passion, dancing.

“So, if you think you’re old, think again,” she said. “What inspires me is the process of learning.”


Phyllis dances and practices yoga every day, and inspires others to keep moving and to stay active in both body and mind, and reminds us that it’s never too late to start. She is a beautiful and truly phenomenal example of what it means to pursue your life’s passion, with a few super fun detours along the way.

Combining some of her loves, Phyllis put together this video featuring her yoga poses set to her own musical composition, and these inspiring words:

“Yoga is not just a pose.
Music is not just notes.
Dance is not just steps.
The quality and the beauty of the pose,
The notes and the steps,
Depends on the transition from one to the other.

In yoga and dance, I listen to my body.
In piano and composition, I listen to my fingers.
These are my tools.
What is born from this is a miracle.
Don’t wait to expire,
Grab hold of the wire,
And fly with me.”

We can’t help getting a little teary.

Here’s another great video from when she was just a kid at 89. We particularly love the jump rope part and minute 2:37 when she gets her headstand all by herself. NBD.

To celebrate her 92nd birthday a few months ago, Phyllis performed a tango. Her yoga teacher shared the video on YouTube which has already received over 600k views.

We don’t know about you, but we feel like dancing!

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