After moving to Japan from the UK, Collen Kelton went on the hunt for a car to buy… specifically a Nissan GT-R that he could rebuild and make warp speed fast. In terms of color, he wanted midnight purple, but had to settle on silver. So knowing he was going to repaint anyway, Collen had his girlfriend Allison, an artist, “draw over a scratch on the front bumper.” With a black Sharpie in hand, what this woman did next is nothing short of amazing!

Piece by piece, hour after hour, Allison hand drew an incredible tattoo-like design over every single inch of the exterior of the car, using nothing but a Sharpie marker. As Collen shared on the car enthusiasts’ forum where he chronicled this epic build, “The grand total on the Sharpie-ing is 156 hours, not including disassembly/reassembly/clear coating of the car. That would put it closer to 200, but I only tallied the drawing portions accurately.”

The time lapse above (warning: lower your volume button) shows you Allison in fender pimping, Sharpie action, and the still images below show you her progress from start to finish:

sharpie car_1

sharpie car_4

sharpie car_6

sharpie car_7

sharpie car_9

sharpie car_10

sharpie car_14

sharpie car_15

sharpie car_17

sharpie car_18

sharpie car_19