Meet Mary Daley, college sophomore and founder of The Pinspiration Project. The growing random acts of kindness movement started with Mary making inspiration-packed bottle cap pins and giving them out to friends and strangers, on a mission to spread hope. This is her story.

By Mary Daley – In the fall of 2016, I started making pins with bottle caps, safety pins, glue and mod podge, and designs I had created and printed on cardstock. I thought these pins would create a fun way to show love through random acts of kindness. After watching the movie The Letter Writer, random acts of kindness became a big part of how I wanted to live my life. These pins were just a small yet unique way I could do just that.

Pinspiration project you shine

The message on each pin serves as a reminder. “You shine” to help beautiful souls realize and remember just how beautiful they are.

Pinspiration project be the change

“Be the change,” to help remind every individual that within each person is the incredible power to change and influence.

Pinspiration project seek joy

“Seek Joy” – We see what we choose to see in every day life. While times often feel dark and dreary, it is important to remember to seek joy in every moment. This can be a true struggle some days, so this pin serves as a reminder to always look for the joy in everyday moments.

Pinspiration project thankful

I am so incredibly thankful for all the people in my life that have encouraged me in my journey so far and I wear this pin often to maintain a spirit of gratitude. Every moment and memory is something I can be thankful for and with that in mind, joy is present.

Pinspiration project spread hope

If you want to follow this movement, please join me on our Facebook page – The Pinspiration Project. My primarily goal is to inspire people to partake in random acts of kindness.

Have a beautiful day!

About The Author

Mary A. Daley is a sophomore at Hollins University. She is a student chaplain and is studying Business with a concentration in Marketing. She loves to smile and make others smile in any way she can.