Even if you do most of your writing with your fingertips these days, most of us still pick up a pencil every now and again. You write, you sharpen, you doodle, you sharpen, working that pencil all the way down until you’ve got nothing left but a stub. Imagine if you could take that useless stub and grow it into something useful, delicious, and fun? You can… with a little upcycling magic from Sprout.

Sprout is a pencil with an actual seed hidden inside. When it’s too short to use anymore, just plant your pencil in dirt, give it plenty of water, wait about 2 weeks and voilà… instant living, breathing herb garden bursting with basil, cilantro, dill, mint, parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme. Super cool!

Sprout 4

The Sprout seed capsule is water activated, so the first few times you water your pencil stub you’ll be kick starting the seed’s germination, on your way to herbaceous heaven. Since there are 8 herb varieties per pack, leave the labeled pencil shaft in the soil as a planting marker… it will help you keep track of what’s sprouting.

The Spout pencils, which are made in the USA with high quality sustainably-grown cedar, are 100% non-toxic and contain absolutely no lead. But since they don’t have an eraser, make sure you have some on hand, like our fave Rubber Barber erasers.

Sprout 2

Sprout pencils are available on Amazon.

Sprout 1