We are currently fighting for our organization’s life. Headed into 2019, Women You Should Know can no longer survive without outside funding as we’ve done for the last 7 plus years. With our existence hanging perilously in the balance, this powerful chorus of individual voices (click image to play video) stepped up to speak up on our behalf. We hope they inspire you to ‘Turn Your Love Into Action’ as our survival depends on your support.

Over the last seven years, every ounce of work Women You Should Know has done and every piece of content we’ve written, created and produced has been funded out of the pockets of our dedicated co-founders, Jen Jones and Cynthia Hornig. Since 2011 they have continued to make the greatest personal sacrifices in order to ensure that the stories and struggles of women building their own futures, changing the status quo, crushing stereotypes, and defying the odds have a powerful platform. Now we need your help to save it and keep it thriving.

If you come to Women You Should Know to learn and think, engage and delight, be moved and inspired, please consider supporting us. Every dollar you are able to contribute will help sustain our mission so we can keep giving women the coverage they deserve and providing you with the content, events, and programming you love into the coming year and beyond.

Thank you for being our champion.

Turn Your Love For Women You Should Know Into Action… A Rallying Cry
Video Script/Participants

In 2011, Women You Should Know set out to move the world and make the changes they wanted to see for women and girls.

Daisy Nguyen – Creative Executive
Judaline Cassidy – History-Making Plumber; Founder, Tools & Tiaras
Catherine Zambri Riggs – Documentary Filmmaker, Mediation Optics

It’s a mission.

Amy McGrath – Fighter Pilot, Retired Marine Lt. Colonel, 2018 Congressional Candidate

It’s a movement.

Geneva Peschka – Documentary Filmmaker

It’s an editorial site.

Sally Hubbard – Host, Women Killing It!

It’s a dynamic social community.

Shayla Hunter – Founder, The 100 Black Females Project

It’s a hub of women’s and girls’ empowerment.

Brenda Berkman – Pioneering Firefighter, Artist

They are tellers of our untold stories.

Leah Warshawski – Award-Winning Director 

They are amplifiers of our voices.

Shaylee Mansfield – Phenomenal Deaf Girl (age 9)

They nourish a community that believes in the power of supporting women and their ideas to change the world.

Angela Dee – Actor, TV/Film Writer

They are champions of our rights.

Liz Leifer – Co-Owner, Play Out

They drive an important conversation.

Willa Rubin – Master’s Candidate, Media Leadership Fellow

They make an impact every single day.

Ria Cheruvu – Artificial Intelligence Innovator (age 14)

Women You Should Know has been fighting inequality…

Rebecca Blaine Carton – Writer, Producer, Actor

by making sure the stories, struggles, and great ideas that women bring to the table have a platform.

Caiti Ward – Storyteller, Writer, Online Personality

Now it’s our turn…
To support them…

To fight for them…
o help sustain their mission…

To ensure their survival.

Michelle Hands – Construction Site Engineer, YouTuber
Caroline Kennedy – College Student
Marie Gardiner – Photographer, Writer

So they can keep giving us the content we love.

Sadhna Sheli – Children’s Book Author

So they can keep giving women the coverage they deserve.

Dale DeBakcsy – Teacher, Artist, Writer, Author

So they’ll be around to celebrate women making, changing and impacting the world for the next generation of readers.

Abigail Harrison – Aspiring Astronaut, Founder, The Mars Generation

Women You Should Know has stood up for countless women and girls over the last 7 years…

John Marcotte – Founder, Heroic Girls

Now, we the people who follow, read and love their work, need to stand up for them.

Kesia Hudson – Program Director, Women’s Entrepreneurship, Zahn Innovation Center

We’re in this together.

Abby Sugar – Founder, Play Out
Erin Dinan – Founder, One Sandwich At A Time
Karla Kane – Songwriter, Singer, Indie-Pop Group The Corner Laughers
Lola Steigner – Feminist (age 14)
Melody Moezzi – Writer, Attorney, Award-Winning Author
Renée Contreras De Loach – Stay-At-Home Mom
Todd Soliday – Award-winning filmmaker
UWF – United Women Firefighters

So turn your love for Women You Should Know into action!

Isabella Bunkers (16) and Selah Piper (15) – Founders, Project Imagine

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We’re in this together.

Caroline (age 6)