Justin Alexander Bartels IMPRESSION series is simply stunning in so many ways, and speaks directly to the confines of the “beauty ideal” that has come to consume our culture. His goal was to showcase “what women go through to attract,” by showing “the actual imprints left on their skin from the binding apparel they wear,” and his powerful images have most certainly left an impression on us.

Women You Should Know had a chance to speak with Justin, who has been taking and creating images since he was a pre-teen, about his inspiration behind the series. This is what he shared…

“The IMPRESSION series came about from my dating experiences in college, noticing the different trends and styles that women wore to ‘impress’ or gain attraction. It interested me that so many women would wear binding or uncomfortable clothing, to either impress or attract others, or for their own self-esteem. Having degrees in both Sociology and Photography + Imaging, they definitely combined in this project to show my interest in how society functions, but to also show it in a visually compelling way. I hoped this series would reach women, and inspire them to question what they wear, and why they wear it.”

Clearly he has hit a nerve because the response to the series has been astounding, Justin tells us, adding that he continues to get “great feedback from around the world!”

Justin says that every image or video he makes is a journey, from its inception, creation and completion. So we thank him for taking us down this very thought provoking, visual path.

All images ©justinalexanderbartels.com and are published on Women You Should Know with the expressed written consent of Justin Bartels.