When Megan Nicole Dong is not hard at work as a story artist for DreamWorks Animation, contributing her talents to films like How to Train Your Dragon 2, she’s creating clever comics for the web. Her latest stroke of amusing brilliance is a series of cosmetics comics that offer Megan’s hilarious interpretation of beauty products, techniques, and trends.

In talking about what sparked her artistic trip through the beauty aisle, Megan shared with WYSK, “I had seen a mascara ad online and I thought it’d be funny to interpret the words ‘lash-strengthening’ in a much more exaggerated sense.” She added, “I really just drew it for my own amusement, and then I posted it online and got a very positive response from a lot of women and men. They wanted to see more comics about different kinds of makeup.” And with that, Megan’s Lash-Strengthening Mascara comic became the catalyst for a beauty themed series that she’s been rolling out over the last six months.

Megan Dong_pretty timeEnding up with enough cosmetics comics to fill 28 colorful pages, Megan, who, incidentally, is also a marine-biology enthusiast, decided to put all of her beauty specific work into a book she calls “Pretty Time! A Made-Up Makeup Magazine.” Of her new release, she told us, “I think of it as a silly celebration of the interesting (and sometimes disturbing) things we do to our faces and bodies in the name of beauty.”

We’ve included some of our favorite “Pretty Time!” comics below, but you can check out more of Megan’s work on her tumblr page. Her books can be purchased here.

All images copyright to Megan Nicole Dong, and are republished on Women You Should Know with the artist’s permission.








Megan’s cosmetics comics have resonated with so many people that they’ve already inspired fan art. In fact, one fan, who goes by the name willowwaves94, made a series of awesome animated GIFs based on Megan’s original Lash-Strengthening Mascara comic. Here’s one of them…
willowwaves94:This is a little gif adaptation of Megan Nicole Dong’s hilarious mascara ad you can see here. All of her comics are full of fun and surprises and and very inspiring to me, so I am super thankful I was allowed to do this :) Someone awesome animated these amazing gifs based on my Lash-Strengthening Mascara comic!! Hilarious; I love it!! Thanks willowwaves94!!