“So I brought an engagement ring to Disney World and proposed to my favorite Disney Princesses.” That’s what Blaine Gibson, a content creator from Texas, Tweeted on July 20th. During his visit to the happiest place on earth, he got down on bended knee for a bevvy of Princesses including Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Jasmine.

In an unexpected upset to the all-powerful Princess-allure, when it came to Beauty & The Beast, it was Gaston, not Belle, who was the object of Blaire’s affection. The real life ring bearer chose Gaston because he was “hilarious,” while the princesses on his proposal list were selected for being “kind and beautiful.”

Here’s how it went down, and who ultimately beat out the Princesses in scoring the ring.

The moral of this fairy tale…

princesses don’t always win in the end.

(but we already knew that)