Now this is one Super Bowl ad we want to see. GoDaddy has traded in its typical sexed-up marketing for something a bit smarter, but equally as provocative, for the big game this year. The domain registrar and web hosting giant will help a REAL woman quit her REAL job on-air in front of 100,000,000 Super Bowl viewers. Her unsuspecting boss will likely be among them… DUN, DUN, DUN!

The aspiring entrepreneur, whose identity is being kept secret, will deliver her “take this job and shove it” message in a GoDaddy produced ad that’s set to air during the game’s first half. Actor John Turturro will also make an appearance in her dream pursuing commercial debut.

On the back end of the deal, the company plans to help the mystery woman set-up her new business. Win win!

Here’s a teaser. We’ll be watching for the real deal on Sunday.