Rachel Lark is a San Francisco based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She is known for her “biting political satire, fearless authenticity, and hilarious, raunchy wit,” which is on full display in her recent release, Women Are People!

“Lately I’ve been concerned that the type of debate I’m trying to have around feminism is a little too complicated for the world we’re living in,” Rachel explains in the video. “So I thought I’d bring it right back down to basics, to a first-grade reading level, so even our president can understand.”

To illustrate her point, Rachel gathers a group of pre-schoolers, along with a couple of men, to go over the differences between inanimate objects and women. It’s fairly simple, but so many do seem to forget.

For anyone you may know who is in need of a reminder that women are in fact people… pass it on!

Lead image Rachel Lark/You Tube