“At its core, the fashion world is rotten, it’s sad, and it’s lonely, which is also the formula for great comedy.” – Angela Dee

Saffron, a masochistic, people-pleasing Brit, desperate for a job and a new life, lands a position at Jolie Laide, an absurdly toxic, high-end clothing boutique in NYC. The seemingly picture perfect store is staffed by an ensemble cast of off the wall characters, including store manager Betsy (Markie Post – “Night Court”, “There’s Something About Mary”), and booby-trapped for humiliation and pain. Things unravel hilariously from there in Rack & Ruin, a new comedy series created by, written by, and starring British born actor/writer Angela Dee.

Making its streaming debut today on WYSKTV, the entertainment programming arm of Women You Should Know, the 5 mini-sode series, directed by Zetna Fuentes (“Switched at Birth”, “Pretty Little Liars”), captures the sensitive and impressionable Saffron’s struggles to become a “cut-throat” sales associate, while awkwardly taking on the sharks, divas, vapid posers, and insecure lunatics that prop up the fashion industry (co-workers and customers included).

Through smart writing and the spot on comedic timing of the almost all female cast, viewers get taken on the wild and chaotic roller coaster ride of all the things Saffron (played by Dee) has to endure as she attempts to fit in and stay out of trouble. It’s Dee’s effort to show the ugly business of being beautiful by making viewers laugh and cringe at the ridiculousness of the high-end fashion world and everyone in it.


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